Auto Dialer App for Recruiters

It is a belief that CRM are for the marketing department only. As the world is working from home, it makes sense to automate all department of your business to improvize output. An autodiler in a scenario like this is a boon for HR Recruiters.

Let me Tell You How?

So let us assume you are a Recruitment Agency...
How does your day look like?

- You hunt for the candidates for a job.
- You plan online interview with these applicants.
- You share instructions for the interview location and time.
- You {follow|call) them up before the interview
- You follow them up after the interviewis done.
- If {hired|they are selected|selected), you call them for confirmation.

If you realise you are reaching out to a candidate primarily using calls, emails, SMS, or WhatsApp. What if we tell you that you can automate this hiring process using job site of your choice and Calley Automatic Call Dialer.

Yes, you can automate it...

Calley Auto Dialer App can help you dial a list of numbers automatically, segregate candidates according to interests. You will be able to AutoDialer For Recruiters send information with them via Email, SMS, or Whatsapp Messages. You can set calls to be made in the future, and in case a candidate calls you back, you can log his incoming call in the CRM from the mobile app.

Calley Automatic Call Dialer offers you a complete solution for your Recruitment Needs.

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